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Wolfblood is a children's series broadcast on CBBC. The series follows two seemingly ordinary teenagers, who are secretly part of a mysterious race who have lived among humans for centuries by disguising their abilities and blending in without being noticed. Wolfbloods have razor sharp senses with a great sense of smell and are incredibly fast and super strong. On a full moon they also turn into wolves.

Premiere Date: Sep/10/2012

Genre: Children, Horror, Supernatural, Teens

Most Recent Episodes

Wolfblood season 5 episode 2

Season 5, Episode 2: The Once and Future Alpha

The mystery wolfblood is unmasked and brings startling news from the Wild Pack. Jana summons the strength to help locate TJ, but her interference backfires with devastating consequences....

Air Date: Mar 06, 2017

Wolfblood season 5 episode 3

Season 5, Episode 3: The Dawnus Torc

The pack investigate the Segolia Vault and in doing so find the precious Dawnus Torc which takes them on an adventure like never before. TJ falls sick with a mystery illness....

Air Date: Mar 13, 2017

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